Agri Manager Field Trip

Field trip by team members for Agri Manager development

Our team members are travelling in Japan and outside of this country. Art director in our team is producing illustration for field trips.

Agri Manager Field Trip in Hokkaido

Northern limit for high value fruits production was moving to Hokkaido. Apple used to be famous in Aomori and Ohato, cherry, was primarily produced in Yamagata. Currently those conventional products are produced in much broader area due mainly to cultivation technology as well as global warming.

Agri Manager Field Trip in Kagoshima

Mango production is popular in Ibusuki, where temperature is controlled in green house by using hot spring. The challenge is how to manage installation cost of hot spring facility to make a profitable business.

Agri Manager Field Trip in Okinawa

Due to benefits under semi tropical area, lots of growers are trying to produce variety of tropical fruits. Mango is pretty popular and new commers to agriculture start cultivation. More experienced growers are challenging to produce avocado, which is one of expected products in local market.

Agri Manager Field Trip in Vietnam

Scenes from a dragon fruit field in Vietnam

After the tropical fruit symposium in Ho Chi Minh City, our group went to a field trip to dragon fruit area. That trip was done by a boat on the waterway along the large field. Dragon fruit trees are managed under the well-organized irrigation system in the field. I’m convinced that the dragon fruit business is stable and robust in Vietnam.