Agri Manager and cloud solution


Agri Manager Paper vol.2

Study on expectations for the maintenance and the low-cost model of communication infrastructure


Take advantage of the ICT intended for the agriculture solutions are numerous. Its spread has spread from large-scale agricultural corporation, up to the farmer of the family-run. Among agriculture for ICT solutions, in the use of applications that take advantage of the smartphone and tablet, more than anything there is a basic premise that the development of communication infrastructure. In the field of mountainous areas, there is also a local connection is unstable from the radio wave condition problem to the Internet by telecommunications carriers. In such an environment, ICT solutions, among other things, there is a gap in the use of cloud-based model of.

Key words

Agri Manager, ICT, AI, sensors, field management, IoT (Internet of Things), solutions, aging, smart phones, IT literacy


AI Agriculture (lightning Atsushi al., Nikkei BP, Inc.) to earn in the work of IT and skilled farmers
IoT is open up the next generation agriculture Agriculture 4.0 times (three-wheeled Yasushi, Hitoshi Ikuma Akebia Hideki, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun)
60 minutes IT business forefront seen in (IT Business research Group, Gijutsuhyoronsha)
IoT business forefront seen in 60 minutes (IT Business research Group, Gijutsuhyoronsha)

(Note) Agri Manager

Is an application software of farm management support “Agri Manager (Agri Manager)” was released by the Corporation Creative House Corporation in 2014. For information sharing possible number of users is 5,000 people, it has been commercialized in the positioning of mainly ERP intended for small and medium-sized organizations (core) system.